Multipure Idependent Distributor #424611

Contact Us Here! Any and all questions are welcome!

You can write me at:
whatsthebestwaterfilter at yahoo dotc om
Just copy and paste: whatsthebestwaterfilter then add the at sign then into your email program TO field. Sorry I am writing it this way on the page to avoid getting tons of spam!

If you have general questions about the filters please write me and ask. If you need an immediate answer though try calling me at 3107427900, and if I am not there to answer you can also get almost any question answered at the Multipure Corporate line: 1-800-622-9208 during weekday business hours.

Remember if you do order a unit by phone (or by net) use my DISCOUNT CODES for the best discount available anywhere:
424611-disc for anything except the Aquaperform, and
424611-disc2 for the Aquaperform.

Thanks! And good health to you!