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What's wrong with bottled water?
Or water from a vending machine?

We at believe that the bottom line is that bottled water and vended water is not the safest, most cost effective, nor cheapest way to provide drinking water. And all those plastic bottles are not good for our planet! So we recommend that you GO GREEN with a Multipure water filter!

Since bottled water is barely regulated, do you want to trust them to provide you with healthy water? Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) pointed out in their report, Bottled Water: Pure Drink Or Pure Hype? that as much as 40% of all bottled water is the same as Municipal tap water! The report also states that 60-70% of all bottled water is exempt from FDA‘s bottled water standards‚ because it is bottled and sold within the same state. Unless the water is transported across state lines‚ there are no federal regulations that govern its quality!

Secondly, you don't know if the plastic it is contained in is leaching chemicals into the water. We do know that some plastic leaches BPA and phthalates into water.* There could be others we don't know about. Why take the chance?
* Reusing Plastic Bottles Can Pose Serious Health Hazards
Refilling and reusing plastic bottles can release toxic cancer-causing chemicals

plastic bottle pollution

And finally, plastic bottles are causing a major problem for our environment. Billions of plastic bottles all over our Earth, with the chemicals the plastic is made from going into our soil and eventually into our water supply. Why do this? We don't need to! Get a reliable filter such as a Multipure NSF-Certified carbon block filter and fill your own stainless steel or BPA-Free reusable bottles right at your own tap!

plastic bottles

Okay, but...
What about those self-service water machines or water stores?

water vending machine
Glacier Water Services was sued for consumer fraud for their vended water*

We know that in some cases water from vending machines have been found to have high counts of trihalomethanes (THMs), chlorination byproducts linked to increased risk of multiple types of cancer, miscarriages, and birth defects.**

Do you know how often the ones in your area are tested or maintained? Do you know what kind of filtration is used and whether the filters are changed periodically as they need to be? Do you know if the filters are NSF-Certified to remove the contaminants of health concern such as trihalomethanes, arsenic, mercury, asbestos, PCB's, lead and chlordanes?

If not changed at proper intervals, water vending machines can lead to contamination with unhealthy bacteria and fungii!***
***Drinking-water quality and issues associated with water vending machines in the city of Los Angeles.

For more information on how safe your vended water may be please read Is Water From Vending Machines Really Chemical Free? - a report put out by trusted consumer advocate Environmental Working Group and Environmental Law Foundation.

And what about the plastic bottles you are refilling?

Do you know that many of the plastic bottles used to carry water to and from these machines and stores are not designed to be re-used and can actually leach plastic chemicals into the water after many uses? Unless you're using glass you may be drinking suspected carcinogens leached from the plastic bottles.

What about water vending stores? Are they okay?

I went to 2 water stores in my area and asked them whether the filters they used were NSF-Certified or not. They looked at me like I was from another planet. Enough said. It should be noted that they are regulated in California under the same rules as water vending machines, and we have already read above how well that is going.

If you insist on using water from a water store please ask the following questions:
1) Are you using NSF Certified filters? If so what are they certified to reduce? May I see the NSF Certificate for those filters?
2) Do you inspect and change the filters regularly? Can you show me proof of that?

Or, maybe it would be easier to just buy a Multipure NSF Certified carbon block filter and/or Reverse Osmosis system, and not have to lug bottles back and forth from the store or machine! And this way you will know for sure that your water filter at home is changed properly and that it filters the contaminants you want filtered per NSF standards and certification!

The bottom line on this is that we just don't know what we are really getting when we buy water from water machines or water stores. If operated responsibly they might be okay. I for one am not willing to bet my health on it.

Two more very important points about bottled water vs. filtered water:

1) Multipure filtered water is cheaper than bottled water. If you're buying bottled water you're probably paying $0.40 - $2.00 a gallon! But after you recover the cost of the system, your Multipure filtered water only costs about 10 cents a gallon! Plus, there is the convenience of having it at your tap, saving you gasoline, time and effort to get to and from the store and saving you chiropractic or doctor bills from lugging those big heavy bottles around!

2) Multipure filtered water tastes better than bottled water! You may not realize it now but bottled water has a the taste of plastic! Once you start drinking Multipure filtered water you will notice the difference and when someone offers you a bottle of water you'll taste it and say (or at least think), "Wow! This tastes like plastic!" (Eccch!)

So the bottom line is:
Multipure filtered water is safer than bottled or vended water, plus it tastes better, plus it's cheaper!
Sounds like a WIN-WIN-WIN situation to me!


If you have any questions, please contact me here. It is my hope that everyone will get off the plastic bottle habit and Go Green by using a filter that is certified by NSF to reduce the widest range of contaminants!

Thanks! And good health to you!

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