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Here's a news item | review of the Wriggle portable drinking water filter
See my comments below the video!

While there is nothing wrong with the Wriggle if you want it, this is the one product I do not recommend to my customers.


Because in my opinion it is too expensive to own and operate. While it's cheap to buy the Wriggle itself, the cost of replacing the filters for it is too much, especially considering that it does not filter the water nearly as well as our full-fledged kitchen filter systems! And really all you have to do is get one of our kitchen systems: the Aquadome (our least expensive model), the Aquaversa (our flagship consumer "Best Buy" model), or the Aquaperform (our best carbon block filter system) and with any of these you can have the convenience of clean, filtered water right in your kitchen - with over 60 contaminants filtered - as verified by independent testing organization NSF.

This is the best option, because with that all you have to do is fill a stainless steel or BPA-free bottle or two when you leave your home each day and you'll have cleaner, better water with you at a lower price - just the price of the bottle to carry it in - PLUS convenient, clean, healthy, good tasting water at all times right in your kitchen, which you can - and should - also use for cooking, watering your house plants, and feeding the pets!

In the long run this is your better option. Our complete water filter systems as described above only cost $60-120/year to operate (depending on the model you get) and that means for $5-$10/month you can have some of the best, cleanest, tastiest water in the world!


Scientists Consider Chlorine One of the Most Toxic Elements
Found in Nature. 
Yet, you come in contact with it everyday...

Consider a Better, Healthier Shower

Multipure Drinking Water Systems are tested and certified by NSF International to reduce the widest range of contaminants of health concern

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It is my hope that everyone will get off the plastic bottle habit and Go Green by using a filter that is certified by NSF to reduce the widest range of contaminants, for your health and for the health of Mother Earth!

Thanks! And good health to you!