Multi-Pure Independent Distributor #424611

Multi-Pure Faucet Options


Chrome-Plated Designer Faucet

Multi-Pure below the sink units come with a chrome, lead-free faucet that has a clean, modular design. It allows you to adjust the flow control at your kitchen sink.

Multi-Pure’s Designer Faucet also is available in
decorator colors or finishes.

Options Available at an additional cost of $25.00



Faucet Colors / Finishes (add $25.00):
(click on faucet color to see a bigger image)

Add the upgrade charge shown above to the price of the unit. The above prices are the upgrade charge when the decorator-color faucet is shipped with your drinking water system. For information on after market purchases, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-622-9206.

Allow 4 weeks for delivery of custom faucets